With LEASHED UNLEASHED, the performance duo Kimberly Kaviar (Simone Gisela Weber & Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez) together with the artist Zhenya Salinski initiate a multimedia performance about control structures and how they affect our bodies. The piece is a synthesis of choreographic material and poetic stories of very personal and intimate confrontations with (self) control which thereby creates divergent spaces of perception. The choreography is inspired by field research and interviews with people who deal with adjustments of the body to (self) imposed societal mechanisms of control on a daily basis.

Photo by Simone Gisela Weber


A project by Kimberly Kaviar & Zhenya Salinski

Choreography & performance: Simone Gisela Weber & Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez (Kimberly Kaviar)
Text and performance: Zhenya Salinski
Audiovisual Design: Max Wigger
Music & Sound: Friedrich Byusa Blam
Light: Timo von der Horst
Stage: Yoav Admoni
Costume and Props: Sara Wendt
Dramaturgy: Tim Jakob, Dandan Liu
Consultation: Thomas Schaupp
Voices: Rachell Bo Clark, Maciej Sado
Production: Sophia Maria Keßen

In collaboration with Berliner Ringtheater and Theaterhaus G7

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.